About Us

Founded in 2020, we specialise in sourcing meaningful art paired with beautiful frames. Our eclectic collection encompasses a range of subject matters, styles and mediums from antique to contemporary pieces. We also work closely with clients, sourcing works, advising and pairing them with antique frames for a special and bespoke composition. If you are looking for a particular  artwork or wish to inquire about this service, please contact us
The Holwell Collection provides credit and appreciation when dealing work by undiscovered and lesser-known artists, as well as admiring and sharing the work of those more established. A selection of notable artists whose work we have handled include Eliot Hodgkin, Selbner, John Brett, Gallot, Alfred de Dreux, Gainsborough, Joseph Gott, Charles Church, Pierre Fix-Masseau, Fredrick Meyer, Henry Jacquier, Frank Dobson, Pierre Faget Germain and Jules Alexandre Grun