Can I choose or change the frame?

We do not offer alternative frames for framed work. 

How do I know the art work I'm buying is authentic?

Much of our artwork is signed and / or dated and we aim to give as much historical information as we can when listing art work for sale. Identifying style of handwriting, paper type and condition are effective signs to look out for when determining authenticity.

Can I see the art work in person before I buy?

Our gallery is exclusively online so general browsing and physical viewings are not possible. 




Do you sell on any other platforms?

We do not use other platforms and primarily sell our collection through our website

However, if you wish you speak to us directly, please email: info@theholwellcollection.com for all enquiries. 

Follow us on Instagram for more content and updates. 

Can I return a purchase?
Yes, of course. Customer satisfaction is important to us and we want you to be entirely satisfied with your purchase. Please see our shipping and returns for more details. 

When I add to my basket, does that reserve the item for me?

No, we do not offer a reserving service. This means the item is not confirmed as yours until the checkout has completed. We encourage completing your purchase promptly if you do not wish to miss out on a particular art work. 

How long will my order take to arrive?

For more information, see our shipping and returns. Please account for shipping delays whilst Covid-19 and Brexit are ongoing. Delays may also occur at certain busier times of the year. 

How much is international shipping?

For more information, see our shipping and returns

What forms of payment do you accept?
Payments are secure and can be made by credit or debit card, or by PayPal. 



What does it mean when work is original?

An original is work considered to be authentic by an artist, rather than a reproduction or imitation. It is unique artwork made by the artist, with an inventory of one. Our product listings will always state if we believe the art work is an original, or if it is a print. 

I have further information about art work on your website, what should I do?

Please inform us if you have any further information about a particular artist or their work. We always welcome extra insights and valuable knowledge. 

Do you offer a framing service?

We do not currently offer a framing service. 

What does it mean when work is attributed?

'Attributed to' indicates the work is likely by the named artist, but there is a level of doubt.

Do you give valuations?
 No, we are not able to give valuations.