About Us

The Holwell Collection was founded in 2020 in the Cotswolds, UK, and our focus is to provide beautiful, meaningful and authentic art. The collection is eclectic, encompassing a range of subject matters, styles and mediums, and our gallery is exclusively online, providing an inclusive contemporary experience. 
The Holwell Collection provides credit and appreciation when dealing work by undiscovered and lesser-known artists, as well as admiring and sharing the work of those more established. A selection of notable artists whose work we have handled include Eliot Hodgkin, Selbner, John Brett, Gallot, Alfred de Dreux, Gainsborough, Joseph Gott, Charles Church, Pierre Fix-Masseau, Fredrick Meyer, Henry Jacquier, Frank Dobson, Pierre Faget Germain and Jules Alexandre Grun
We also work closely with clients on larger projects, sourcing particular art works, advising and pairing them with antique frames for a special and bespoke composition. If you are looking for a specific artwork or wish to enquire about this service, please contact us

Our team are keen to reduce waste and adopt an eco-friendly approach when sending orders, therefore we ship orders collectively only once or twice a week to reduce milage and transport pollution. All of our branding and packaging products are purchased from independent, UK based companies with an ecologically positive attitude and sustainable ethos. 

 Tissue paper - our red tissue paper is recyclable, acid free and made from 99% recycled pulp fibres. Approximately 35% of the electricity used to make it is produced from renewable sources. It’s also pH resistant meaning it resists running, bleeding and fading.

 Logo stickers - the label paper is 100% recycled and is both recyclable and compostable. The adhesive is water based.

 Logo stamp - made from over 65% post-consumer plastics and quality, FSC certified materials for a longer lifetime. The ink cartridge is soy based which leaves no petroleum behind, therefore making it compostable

 Packing tape - made from renewable kraft paper, it is water and solvent resistant, acid free and recyclable. The adhesive is also vegan friendly, meaning it is free from animal pigments and adhesives using gelatine. The tape can be composted with the cardboard, but we recommend leaving it on the box and recycling so it can be reused up to 7 times.

 Bubble wrap - we never buy our own bubble wrap, but we do keep and reuse protective packaging from deliveries to ensure artwork and frames are well protected.

 Cardboard boxes - recyclable and compostable. We often recycle and reuse boxes and packaging from other companies which we have received to reduce waste, sometime this will include plastic tape and bubble wrap.