Beauty in Nature

Drawings by Eliot Hodgkin

Eliot Hodgkin | A Selling Exhibition

We first came across Eliot Hodgkin when buying a house in the Cotswolds. The previous owner was a friend of the artist and had written a book on his career. We were blown away by the beauty of his depictions of nature and the unique quality of his observations. Here we have compiled a small exhibition of 16 drawings that Hodgkin made between 1945 and his death in 1987, all of which were designs for paintings, many of which were exhibited at the Royal Academy. They are all available for sale. 

Eliot Hodgkin: 1905 – 1987

His Work

"He had exquisite taste... he was a perfectionist in his life and in his work."

I try to look at quite simple things as though I were seeing them for the first time and as though no one had ever painted them before.

Eliot Hodgkin, 1957

Selected Works

  • Four Dead Leaves, Framed
  • Study of Two Jugs, Framed
  • Study of Leaves
  • Lettuce in a Glass Cup
  • Gourds and Bottles
  • Feathers in a Glass
  • Eight Glass Dropper Bottles
  • White Still Life No.1
  • Red Currants in a Punnet
  • Three Apples in Eggcups
  • Fallen Petals
  • Leaves in a Vase
  • Currants in a Vase
  • Botanical Study
  • Study of a Skull
  • Flowers in a Vase